3 Good Places for Lighted Signs

Lighted signs serve as literal beacons for your business, able to stand out even amid a sea of competing signage. It doesn’t take much wattage to give your sign the wow factor, which meansLighted Signs that sometimes less is more. However, in some instances, you really want your signage to stand out like a little bit of Las Vegas, regardless of location. It’s no surprise that lighted signs have a higher initial upfront cost, and sometimes more frequent maintenance needs, but in the right circumstances, it’s well worth it.

The goal is to ensure lighted signs pay for themselves quickly, bringing in enough additional business to balance out the upfront fees. Not every sign and business is the right fit for bright lights, but you may be surprised by just how many industries, events and locations can be a prime fit for a little wattage. Here are some of the best, most profitable places for lighted signs, and how your business can benefit:

1. The Main, Exterior Sign

If your business is located where it has to compete with a lot of other signs, or alternatively in a remote area where it’s easy to miss, lights can help guide your customers to you. There’s no denying that a lit sign will attract more attention than other types of signs, particularly if you’re open after hours when it’s dark. A lighted sign can keep your customers safe and well directed.

2. In Poorly Lit Areas

This goes for indoor or outdoor usage. If there are no street lights where your business is located, or if you want to make sure customers don’t miss the unlit corner of the store where you keep clearance items, let the light guide their way. Humans naturally seek out light, so adding a few bulbs to your signage is an obvious solution.

3. At a Trade Show or Convention

These types of events make targeting visitors even more challenging. You only have a small space and a tiny time frame in which to attract visitors to your booth. A lighted sign, if event managers allow it, easily helps you to stand out. Choose a sign with arrows and/or bright colors to be sure you’re not missed.

However, lighted signs don’t come without hurdles and challenges. One of the biggest is maintenance. Something as simple as a single bulb going out can take your sign from impressive to unsuitable. In some instances, it may be safe to change burned-out bulbs yourself, but you may want to play it safe and hire a professional. Get signs inspected biannually, and if possible spring for an eco-friendly, long-lasting bulb package.

Lighted signs may pose a fire risk without proper maintenance, and they can be costlier to repair due to the wiring. However, when well maintained, they can become a local beloved landmark. Contact IG Sign to peruse lighted sign options and design the beacon your business deserves.