4 Crazy Business Signs at the 2015 RSA Conference

Commercials have the Super Bowl, but business signs have the RSA Conference. Held each year in San Francisco, the conference that’s all about cryptography and security doubles as a showcase for the looniest, most attention-grabbing signs out there, from banners to LED displays. This year was no different, with marketers bringing their A game to the conference where they commit each year to not be outdone by their peers. RSA Conference

Anyone who loves a killer pun, a jaw-dropping display or sheer quality on top of quality considers this conference paradise. The world of signage is always trending. Here are some of the best, craziest and most innovative signs spotted at this year’s event:

1. Sophos

“Dance like no one’s watching, encrypt like everyone is,” was the eye-catching sign for security software developer Sophos. However, it was really the guerilla type efforts that made this company stand out. You couldn’t swing a swag bag without hitting a Sophos sign at the conference, and the marketing even extended to the city’s subway system. Sophos excelled at taking tired sayings and turning them into relevant, memorable mottos.

2. Veracode

When you name a product or service Monster, you’ve already got fodder for great signage. The bright green sign with an octopus-like monster lurking in the corner states, “It eats application threats for breakfast, and it eats breakfast 24/7. Put a monster in your corner.” People love monsters, a little thrill and particularly a threat, as long as the monster is on their side. Security app developer Veracode dominated at this year’s conference, thanks to their bevy of signs that featured anime/cartoon-inspired creatures.

3. Alien Vault

The galaxy far, far away isn’t so far, thanks to security management company AlienVault. Mimicking the iconic Star Wars opening credits, the sign was just the beginning. Their entire booth was decked out in Star Wars themed goodies. Starting with the sign that said, “Out of this world defense” and then moving on to a text block describing today’s cybersecurity threats, the company’s mixture of movie madness and IT security was a welcoming way to draw in visitors. Plus, the flying saucer over the booth didn’t hurt, either.

4. WatchGuard

“We find them delicious,” is the sole tagline of this intimidating-looking sign boasting a fierce, red lion’s head. The provider of network security products and apps is talking about tasty hackers, promising clients that they gobble them up. The signage was digital, immediately drew in viewers and gave the people what they wanted: something cool to look at and the idea that hackers have nothing on your security options.

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