4 Crazy Signage Facts You Need to Know

Whether you have a penchant for pole signs, monuments or LED signs, business signage is often your company’s first impression for potential customers. It’s obvious that signs are a greatSignage Facts marketing tool, but do you know just how important they are? How much of an impact signage can make? The “Business Internet Marketing Expert,” Brandon Gaille, recently mined through data to find out exactly how signage is benefiting your business, and why every business benefits.

Ready to find out more? Here’s everything you need to know about signage:

1. Signs attract 50 percent of a startup’s new business

That’s right: A whopping half of all new business for startups comes directly from signage. If you’re a new or small business wondering if spending your marketing dollars on signage is a wise move, this should convince you. You don’t want to miss out on half your potential customers.

2. A “large pole sign” increased business by 15.6%

Virtually all types of signage showed an uptick in business, but large pole signs were the most effective. The runner up is a monument sign at 9.3 percent, then two directional signs at 8.9 percent. Set up a storefront wall sign (new or updated) for a 7.7 percent spike in business.

3. 85% of your customers are within 5 miles of you

The fact that 85 percent of your customers live or work close to you is only true of brick and mortar establishments, of course, but if that’s you then your customers are closer than you think. In fact, a shocking 85 percent of them live within five miles of your business and many more may work or otherwise be in the neighborhood on a regular basis. Let your signs be beacons to bring them inside.

4. A lot of shoppers go into a store on impulse

The exact percentage depends on your industry, location and other factors, but every single business enjoys a big chunk of impulse shoppers. Specifically, 17 percent of Best Buy shoppers stop by on impulse. Additionally, 40 percent of convenience market shoppers are impulse buyers, along with 40 percent of fast food customers, 35 percent of shopping center shoppers (for businesses smaller than 100,000 square feet) and 45 percent of service station shoppers.

Need even more convincing? Consider this: Between 13 and 20 percent of people move every single year. This means they don’t know the neighborhood, and as a business you have 13-20 percent brand new potential customers annually. In fact, 35 percent of “new shoppers” say they saw a business on passing and that’s why they stopped in. You might say they “saw the sign.”