4 Qualities of a Great Sign

Sign types vary widely in their effectiveness, but the foundations stay the same. Most non-sign businesses aren’t really sure how to tell if a sign is high quality. You shouldn’t be expected to be Quality Signagean expert in designing and executing signage. Leave that to the pros. However, you should have an idea of what constitutes a high-quality sign. This is a part of your marketing, branding and outreach, so it needs to pack the right punch. Let’s start with the basics: Your sign needs to stand out in the right way. Here’s how to make that happen:

1. Make it easy to comprehend

This goes for text, graphics and the general feel of your sign. If you operate a day spa, you want any signage to reflect feelings of peace, relaxation and pampering. In other words, you don’t want to use a comic sans font, bright colors or otherwise assault the readers’ senses. Make sure your sign is a reflection of your business.

2. It should withstand the weather

This goes both literally and from a marketing perspective. Signs have a great ROI, but they do come at a cost. You don’t want to spend precious marketing dollars on an investment that will look ratty, worn or be falling apart in a year; that’s where quality comes in. However, you also don’t want it to look dated in a few months. Stick with classic fonts, colors and images.

3. It should immediately boosts your business

Take a look at signage statistics and you’ll quickly note that signs work. Know what your numbers are before you post a new sign so that you can quantitatively look at how it’s bringing in business. If you’re not seeing a good return, there’s a good chance the sign is subpar. You can ensure high quality by choosing a sign company that’s established and has solid reviews.

4. It reflects your business’s personality

Similar to being easy to comprehend, a sign should be an extension of your branding. This might mean including a logo or the same font that’s used on your other signage, or otherwise just seeming like a good fit for your business. This is where a great sign company can be a lifesaver.

Most importantly, a good sign is one that you’re proud of. It doesn’t need to awkwardly look different from everything else on the street. Just like with people, you don’t need to literally stand out to be outstanding. Contact IG Signs to find out how a good sign can effectively boost traffic to your business.