4 Times You Need Large-Format Prints

Using large-format prints can make your brand more noticeable, or it can simply be overwhelming.Large Format Prints

Size matters, especially in the signage industry, and if you go too big or too small, you won’t make the impact you want. You have to get the size just right, and that’s going to take some research. Take a look at the area where your sign will be placed and see what everyone else is doing.

This doesn’t mean you have to copy your neighbors, but it does give you a good idea of what looks right in the neighborhood.

Of course, you’ll make a big splash if your sign is 20 times larger than any other on the block. But is that what you want? It can be in certain instances, like if you’re opening up a kitschy Tiki bar while all the other businesses are boutique retailers or salons.

Here are a few instances in which large-formats really work, and how to make the most of them:

1. For temporary, big events: If this is the biggest sale of the year and you’re slashing prices by 70 percent, there’s almost no such thing as too big! Go ahead and pick a bright color while you’re at it. The only rule? Avoid putting too much information on the signage. Simply writing “70% off entire store” on a lively colored background is more than enough.

2. On very busy, cluttered streets: If the street in front of your business has a speed limit of 50 and your block already has 30-plus signs, you need to stand out. Going with a large-format print is one of the few ways to do this. Other options include a neon or lighted sign, assuming it would be the only lit one in the area. The competition is fierce, and you have to stand out.

3. When your brand demands it: Going back to that Tiki bar example, some businesses simply have to go big and loud. Maybe it’s an indoor trampoline park or a vintage shop with a lot of charm. You know your brand better than anyone else. If large-format prints just feel right, trust your gut.

4. When your audience has trouble seeing: Cater to your demographics at all times. If you’re running a retirement community, there’s a good chance many of your audience members don’t have the sharpest vision. Basically, if your business is on par with those large-button phones popular with older generations, do your customers a favor and make your business easy to find.

Large-format prints aren’t necessarily garish or overbearing. Some strip malls are massive, and you need to use a large format just to fit in.

Not sure which size is best for you? Contact IG Sign for expert help on large-format prints, and for all your signage needs.