4 Ways Physical Signage Complements Digital Signage


Magnetics, banners and awnings, the list goes on and on. However, the digital revolution is depending more and more on (no surprise) digital marketing rather than traditional marketing. Physical SignageThat’s a mistake. There’s plenty of room in a business, and in your budget, for both. A smarter tactic is to balance both and not forget about classic approaches that work. Physical signage remains one of the highest ROI tactics available, and it’s a wonderful complement to digital signage/advertising.

However, there are some instances where physical signage simply leaves digital signage in the dust. Businesses should have a marketing strategy that encompasses both, and which optimizes each approach on a case by case basis. Here are a few examples of when, how and why physical signage comes out on top:

1. Your audience doesn’t have blinders on

The human brain can do crazy things, like automatically ignoring digital banner ads, pop-up advertisements and the like. People are so used to browsing websites on their smartphones and laptops that they have thick blinders on. The same isn’t true of physical signage like billboards and storefront signage: They’re simply more likely to be seen.

2. Physical signage claims your space and neighborhood

It’s great if people love your online marketing campaigns, but if you have a brick and mortar establishment then you’re missing out on geo-targeting marketing. Physical signage lets people know you’re in a particular neighborhood, that you’re part of the community and that if they prefer to stop by for a real consumer experience they can. Chances are, people who check out your digital signage haven’t a clue where you’re located.

3. Signs have a high ROI

Simply comparing numbers, nothing has the kind of ROI for a marketing strategy than physical signage. Yes, you can drum up some great business with digital advertising campaigns, but there’s a reason why complex algorithms are constantly trying to improve your online ROIs. Sometimes they work, a lot of times they can massively fail, but the statistics show over and over again that physical signage offers fantastic ROI.

4. It lures impulse shoppers

Online, it’s really easy to fill a digital shopping cart and then abandon it. However, if someone notices your physical signage and walks in, they’re more likely to buy. It’s as simple as that.

Sometimes, going with classic advertising routes is the easiest, most affordable, best and wisest move. Don’t ditch one landscape for another. Instead, find ways for your advertising to work in tandem for the best results at reaching new customers and building loyalty with current ones.