5 Great Places for Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signs are lightweight, affordable and can stand up to even the harshest weather. You’ll find them peppered throughout Utah, easily capable of withstanding snowfall, heavy rain and Vinyl Signsizzling summer heat. For many small businesses, organizations and startups, vinyl is good entry signage because it’s budget friendly. Plus, they travel well, making them an obvious choice when your signage needs to get up and go with you.

You don’t need to break the bank to get an effective sign that, with proper care, can last for several years. Vinyl signs are a fantastic option for a business on a budget, or as an accessory sign for travel, special events or just to add in a little more marketing power.

Here are some of the best events and locations for vinyl signs no matter where you do business:

1.Trade shows: If you want to stand out in a giant room where everyone’s vying for attention, you need a vinyl sign that’s eye-catching and can hold up beautifully against a lot of setups, breakdowns and foot traffic. They’re also easy to roll, store or carry, so you can take them to that trade show abroad that everyone’s buzzing about.

2. Special in-store events: Are you having a weekend sale in your boutique? Want to point out where seasonal items are on display? Vinyl signs are easy to take down and put up, and even affordable enough to warrant the price for a one-time event. They can be used as PR or for directional or marketing purposes.

3. In rainy regions: Not all signs hold up equally against rainfall and water. Particularly in Utah, where winters can be harsh, you need signage that won’t fall apart in the rain and isn’t prone to rust. Vinyl signs are the answer, and they don’t sport wet spots like some other, less durable materials.

4. On awnings with stringent restrictions. If you have a business but aren’t allowed to hang much signage due to a prohibition against nail holes, vinyl signs are the answer; they are lightweight and easy to hang. Anyplace you need signage but hardware isn’t an option, vinyl can be a lifesaver.

5. On vehicles. Those banners strung across buses for special events are likely vinyl. Vehicle banners are good options because they do well in the wind, they’re easy to clean (after all, bug splatter will happen) and should you lose them en route thanks to subpar hanging skills, it’s not a huge financial loss.

Vinyl signs work for nearly every situation and business. Contact IG Sign & Construction today to start designing your next vinyl sign.