5 Times You Need Banners

Banners are the most versatile, affordable and travel-friendly type of signage available. Most commonly ordered in sealed vinyl, they can withstand tough weather conditions, making them Bannersideal for outdoor and indoor events alike. They also roll up nicely, making them simple to carry at trade shows or conferences. Banners can last an organization for several years, or they can also be an affordable option for signage that’s time sensitive (featuring dates, times, temporary addresses and the like).

Adding banners to your signage supply is a smart way to catch the public’s eye in a budget-friendly manner. Technically, you can use banners almost anywhere you use fixed, permanent signs. They’re versatile and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Here are just a few places banners can boost your business:

1. Events:

This one is a given, and where people most often think banners will be found. Perfect for conferences, trade shows, fund-raising events such as walkathons and races, competitions and more, adding a banner lets everyone know you’ve arrived (and are professional).

2. On HOVs:

High occupancy vehicles such as buses and vans provide a great platform for banners. String them to roof racks or other posts, making sure all four corners are secured, and turn your ride into a traveling advertisement. Not only will it get you a lot of exposure, but if you’re en route to a game, it can also help hype up your players with all the extra honks from fans.

3. In stores:

There’s no rule that you have to use fixed aluminum, LED or channel signs in stores. Banners can be particularly useful if you often change or move inventory. They also allow for more creativity, so you can change the layout of your business as you see fit.

4. Advertising specials:

If you want to attract more passersby into your business when you’re hosting a special sale, banners are the way to do it. People in the neighborhood get used to the landscape, including fixed business signs. Adding banners into the mix instantly attracts attention.

5. When you’re budget-minded:

As you can see, banners can go just about anywhere, but they’re especially favored by those who are on a budget. But a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on signage. Instead, embrace the banner and use it as a transitional piece. It can be permanent, for travel or somewhere in between.

Banners also allow you to safely play with designs, colors, logos, patterns and more before committing to a more expensive and permanent sign solution. Work with an expert to craft a stunning banner sign that’s professional and attractive. Connect with IG Sign for all your banner needs and more, from vinyl to MDO signs.