6 Tips for Better Business Signs

Business signs are more than a means of letting customers know where you are; they’re part of your brand. They’re your first impression, they let people know what kind of company youBusiness Signs are, and in some situations, they become city-wide landmarks. No matter where you’re from, you can probably instantly tick off a few standout business signs that help make your city what it is. In other words, there’s a lot riding on that business sign!

When designed right, a business sign can be both innovative and an instant classic. Sometimes an upgrade in the color, font or style might be necessary, but hopefully not for several years after the original design. You don’t want to worry about whether or not your sign is outdated, too trendy or too blah. This is asking a lot of your marketing department (if you even have one!), which is why working with a professional signage company with designers on staff is critical.

Your business sign should reflect existing branding. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Save quirky for quirky:

A neon pink sign is certainly going to stand out, but make sure it stands out in the right way. For example, a doughnut shop that specializes in wacky flavors can get away with this color for the long haul, but an office supply store? Probably not.

2. Go sans-serif:

A classic font is best, but serif fonts can look a little too classic. Instead, shoot for straight, simple and chic lines. Arial or Calibri are a great choices and will withstand the test of time. Plus, they’re easier to read on signage. Serif fonts are easier to read in big blocks of text.

3. Less is more:

Your big business sign shouldn’t do double duty as a sonnet. All you really need is the name, perhaps the number and maybe your motto. Smaller business signs, such as those on the door displaying your hours, are where you can put extra information.

4. Consider the environment:

A metal sign for a beachcomber’s restaurant on the coast? Not a good choice, as it will rust pretty quickly. Make sure your sign matches your environment — a quality sign creator can help you with this. Understanding the pros and cons of aluminum, LED, vinyl and more means you’re choosing a quality product that can withstand whatever Mother Nature has to throw at it.

5. Look at the neighborhood:

If you know where your business will be and you plan on becoming a long-term resident, take a look at the other businesses. You want to look like you belong, but not get lost in the shuffle. This is especially true if your business sign will be on a marquee with other businesses, such as in a strip mall. Complement and contrast subtly, don’t take it as a personal challenge to be the biggest, loudest and brightest.

6. Be realistic about maintenance:

An LED light will certainly stand out, but in all the wrong ways if even a single bulb goes out. Some signs will fade, making colors look dull and your business unprofessional. How often will you realistically maintain your sign? You know yourself, so choose a design and material that works with your commitment level.

Finally, make sure you have an expert on your side that has done this a time or two. Call the pros at IG Sign for help with creating your custom business sign and you’ll end up with a masterpiece that’s sure to become a neighborhood staple.