Large Format Sign Considerations

Large format prints or other types of physical signage require more than matching the sign to your brand. While signage is relatively affordable compared to other types of advertising, Large Format Signbusinesses should still maximize their investment. Most people have driven around a neighborhood at some point, craning their necks looking for a mysterious business that seems not to exist because their sign is too small. Finding some businesses is tougher than pinpointing Waldo, and too often it’s because of poor or ill-maintained signage.

It is critical to use signage as an extension of your brand. A reputable sign company will guide its customers toward a design and style of sign that works best for them. However, keep these considerations in mind during the design stage to avoid any surprise pitfalls:

1. What do other signs in the neighborhood look like?

A sign should neither blend in with the others nor look too out of place. It should be different enough to stand out without being an eyesore. Think about the many signs on the board of a shopping mall strip. If eight out of 10 are white with black text, one is a bright blue with gold text, and the other features a neon photo and zany font choice, your eyes are immediately drawn to the two outliers. However, the neon sign might be a little too loud, so you should go with the blue (or a similar choice).

2. More people are red-green deficient than you think.

Red-green deficiency is the most common type of color blindness. More men than women (between 7 and 10 percent) suffer from red-green deficiency. Such a condition makes strawberry fields (red and green) look like a grayscale rendition. If you don’t want to lose out on up to 10 percent of the male population, think twice before going with these winter holiday colors.

3. Less is more.

It’s understandable that a business wants to relay as much information as possible on a sign, but that plan often backfires, particularly if your signs are meant to attract cars driving by. Drivers will not have time to read too much information, and attempting to get people to do so can be dangerous. Plus, according to Daniel Goleman, the author of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, people develop shorter and shorter attention spans every year. Keep text to a minimum.

4. Remember your target audience.

This item is critical because your target audience might not always be who you think they are. For example, if you operate a toy store, it may seem like your demographic is children. However, children are only a part your audience because parents and family members are the ones actually opening their wallets. Ensure your signs appeal to your entire audience spectrum instead of just a niche.

Creating an evergreen sign that will last for years is no simple task. Securing the help of a sign professional can help ensure your investment is maximized. Call IG Signs of Lehi, Utah, today to find out if large format prints or another type of sign will help improve your business the most.