Make Pole Signs Last

Pole signs, unlike some other types of signs, are built to last. These are the big, permanent signs designed to be seen at high speeds and from great distances. They’re the beacons you can spot Pole Signfrom the highway, and in some cases they become famous landmarks that are beloved through the generations. Other signs, such as vinyl tradeshow signs or banners for special events, are like real estate, where you can play with trends, include time-sensitive information (such as dates) and basically have a little more creative freedom. However, that doesn’t mean creativity has to come to a standstill with pole signs.

Your best move is to design a pole sign that’s classic, eye-catching and will withstand trends, not to mention tough weather conditions. Pole signs rarely have any protection from the elements. They’re often created with metal materials, and increasingly these days, plastic. Some might feature LED lights, and therefore require a little more maintenance and upkeep, but can generally maintain their aesthetics over the years.

Working with a professional sign company on the design is the first step. One you have your sign, it’s paramount to understand techniques for extending the life of your pole sign.

The Big Picture

Where your pole sign will be located can play a big role in how much maintenance will be required, and what type. For instance, metal pole signs located in a beachside town are going to be more prone to rust from saltwater. A pole sign that’s installed in a region that gets intense sunlight throughout the year may fade a little more easily. No pole sign is going to last for years without any TLC at all. A quality pole sign company can provide recommendations and tips on the best materials and designs based on your region.

Metal, unlike plastic, isn’t going to crack or break, but it can rust. Cracking, breaking and rusting are all largely preventable, however, barring any natural disasters, of course. Have your sign inspected once per year to catch any red flags early. It’s tough to spot issues like tiny rust spots or cracks from a distance, but (just like with any problems), the earlier the trouble is caught, the simpler it is to fix.

Pole signs may need repainting, touch ups or even updating over the years to keep pace with subtle trends. For example, the famous Wendy’s sign recently moved from a serif font to a sans-serif font. These little touches can be easy fixes with pole signs, and are a simple way to stay looking fresh. Call your local IG Sign experts in Utah to start designing your own pole sign and get ready for a fixed feature that defines your brand.