Neon Signs for the Holidays

Neon signs have withstood the test of time and are a great choice for a holiday upgrade. However, they’re far from seasonal.Neon Holiday Sign

Neon lights can help your business compete with the twinkling holiday lights lining your street, but they’re also a standout feature year-round. Even better, they’re economical and can be used for special promotions and events, a permanent sign, directional signs and more.

The inner workings of neon signs are pretty simple. Gas and neon is combined with electricity to provide relatively inexpensive illumination. The tubes can be customized to any shape or style you like. It’s an eye-catcher that can withstand the elements, and in some frigid regions, it even can help keep frost and icicles away from your business entry points!

Neon signs have even more benefits than many business owners think. Check out these upsides and see if neon is the right choice for you:

  • Simple personalization: Since the tubes can be manipulated easily to any shape and size you can imagine, the sky’s the limit. Neon is the only banner approach that’s fully customizable. Molding is a fairly simple process, which means it won’t break your budget to get exactly what you want.
  • Energy-efficient: Surprisingly, neon signs save both energy and money. Electricity activates the lights, which makes neon consume 50-60 percent less energy than other types of lights. You won’t see your utility bill inch up by much, and you can rest easy knowing you chose a green option.
  • Big impact: During the holidays, it can be tough for your business to be seen. You’re competing with inflatable Santas, red and green twinkling lights galore and all types of holiday hoopla. However, neon can give you the high visibility you need, and during more than just the holidays. This is especially important to new or smaller businesses that need a little extra oomph to stand out.
  • Nighttime visibility: Making waves as a small business is tough enough, but what if you want to be easily seen at night? This is critical for late night or 24-hour businesses.
  • Great durability: These signs are durable, have an expansive operating range, can run high voltages problem-free and they boast an impressive average life span of 11 years. Compare that to traditional lights with a life span of six months, and going neon is an easy choice.
  • Easy setup: You can use neon signs just about anywhere you can imagine, and they’re surprisingly easy to set up (still, it’s often best to have a pro handle this task). Use them indoors, outdoors, and in virtually any type of weather condition. If only all your business needs were this easy!

Neon signs are irresistible attention grabbers. Call IG Sign today to customize your neon sign and get a leg up on the competition.