Options for Commercial Business Signs

Choosing commercial business signs can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a business owner with dreams of signage that lasts for years. When done well, and with the right materials,

Commercial Business Sign

commercial business signs can last for decades. However, you need to take into account the material, the quality of the sign and where you live. Regions with salty air, heavy snowfall, intense sunshine or the propensity for natural disasters may require different materials.

Working with a sign expert can help you narrow down your material and design choices. A local company knows your region inside and out. A reputable company will research your region, personalizing your commercial signage just for your needs. Here are a few sign options to choose from, and what makes each of them unique:

  • Channel letters: A sign that lights up sure is eye-catching, but may require more routine maintenance than others. Make sure you have a constant supply of new bulbs on hand, since just one burned-out bulb takes your business from catchy to busted. Today’s channel signs are designed to withstand the elements, too, within reason.
  • Vinyl signs: Just like vinyl flooring, this material is built to stand up to just about anything. It’s also affordable, comes in different finishes and you can get it customized just for your business. Both durable and economical, it’s no surprise vinyl is the choice for many.
  • Aluminum signs: Another popular choice, aluminum is also easy on the budget and provides more stability than vinyl. It makes a business look like it’s there to stay. However, you may want to steer clear of any type of metal signs if your business is located on a beach or coastal town, to avoid rusting.
  • Monuments: When you know you’re in it for the long haul, nothing compares to a monument. These signs are most likely to become landmarks and beloved strongholds within a community. Since they’re made to last indefinitely, they can be a little costlier, but monument owners say they’re well worth it.
  • Pole signs: These types of signs help you stand out in a crowd and provide a beacon on busy streets (or those brimming with flourishing trees).
  • Awnings: If you can add an awning to your building, it pulls double duty as a sign and refuge from the elements. It’s also quaint, often found in tourist towns, and offers a degree of sophistication to your business. For optimal exposure, marry an awning with another type of signage and your business will never be missed.

These are just a few of the options at the ready. What kind of signage is best for you, your region and your business? Ask an expert! Call IG Sign and start customizing your very own commercial business sign that’s developed to suit your needs from the start.