Popular Materials from A to V(inyl) Signs

Vinyl signs, monuments, banners and LED signs are so popular because each one offers a fantastic bang for your buck, is durable and is guaranteed to help your signs stand out in a Popular Sign Materialscrowd. When you’re competing with other signs at a tradeshow, conference, on a busy street or in a crowded business complex, your sign is your first impression. It lets your customers (and potential customers) know you exist and that you might just have exactly what they’re looking for. Take a look at some of the most popular signage materials and get inspired for your next creation.

Acrylic signs, also known as plexiglass, are just as tough as they sound. Created from plastic sheets and available with a matte or glossy finish, it’s a great choice for POS or illuminated signs, or at tradeshows and conferences where the signs need to stand up to a lot of moving and shaking. It’s kind of like laminating something precious (which it is), to ensure it lasts for the long haul. Magnetic signs are also popular, particularly for advertising on vehicles or any other metal surface, and they make great giveaway swag, since everyone loves to decorate a fridge or bumper (and they’ll do so while offering free advertising for your business).

Running the Gamut of Signage Materials

Metal signs are weatherproof and durable. This is why they’re so popular for the outdoors (think traffic and directional signs and the like). They’ll never need to be replaced, as long as you take care of routine maintenance and keep rust in check. Neon or LED signs are attention grabbers available in any shape, color or pattern you can dream up. Ideal for social areas like bars and retail stores, they’re of the costlier variety, but promise an impressive ROI.

Plastic signs are usually corrugated, which is light and delicate. It looks lovely, but the material is only suitable for indoor display. You’ll see these in abundance as POS or informational signs, at events and used as menu boards. For something a little sturdier, try PVC, which is the go-to material for nameplates, trade shows, menus and many POS signs.

The Grand Finale

Finally, you have vinyl and wooden signs. Vinyl is heavy duty, high quality and reinforced with nylon for optimal frequent usage. Vinyl is often used for banners, and you can create a custom piece to support your business, your favorite team or showcase a special event or a grand opening. Affordable and attractive, it suits any budget and will last for years. Wooden signs, whether MDO or with vinyl over hardwood, are heavy, paintable and great for restaurants.

Is it a sign of the times that you’re digging deeper into what makes up your promotions? Contact IG Sign today to start customizing your order and to get expert advice on vinyl signs, or whatever the best material might be for you.