Predictions for 2016 Business Sign Trends

Are you in the know about the next business sign trends? Some signs need to be evergreen, such as those permanent pole signs and monuments outside your place of business, while Business Signage Trendsothers are suitable for a shorter shelf life (like announcing that once-in-a-lifetime sale).

Some trends stick around for longer, and 2015 is a revolutionary year for signage. Thanks to manufacturing innovations, custom logo designs and the embracing of sustainability, business signs are undergoing big changes. If you’re thinking about commissioning a business sign in the next year, make sure your choices are current.

One of the biggest trends (which is actually making a comeback and isn’t necessarily new) is illuminated signage. Go with an LED option for an eye-catcher, and give your business either a nostalgic or cutting-edge look, depending on the signs’ style. Old-fashioned marquee signs are popping up all over HGTV, and now business owners are taking notice. A little light is a fast, easy, and relatively affordable way to stand out.

Show and Tell

Another on point trend is showcasing what a business actually does with the name of the shop. For example, if you own a hardware store, a hammer or other tool incorporated into your signs is a great addition. However, it’s easy to get into cartoonish or unprofessional territory. Make sure the fonts and images are still clean and easy to read. Do it right, with the help of a professional designer, and it’s a great conversation starter.

If you really want to get creative, you can use a befitting item as the sign foundation. For example, if you have are a mechanic, mounting a customized sign on a classic car hood on top of your building might be a great way to reach customers. It’s also up-cycled, which green minded folks love, and you’ll finally have something to do with those 1979 Trans Am pieces you had to part out.

Stay Original

If you look at overall house/commercial design trends, you’ll see that it’s all about refurbishing existing architecture when possible. Look at your building’s construction and see what elements are there that you’d like to keep, then incorporate them into your signage. For example, maybe you’re located in a brick building, or your store features original avocado colored arched walls. Bringing that brick element or unique vintage color into your sign elements ties everything together.

Stick with classic font choices, such as a sans-serif option, if you want your sign to be evergreen. Most importantly, the trend that’s here to stay is having a quality, personalized sign designed and created by local professionals. Give IG Sign a call today to get started on your next business sign, which is sure to transition into 2016 (and beyond) beautifully.