The Weirdest Signage Laws around the World

Do you have any illegal signs posted? You may not think you do, but you may be unaware of some fairly obscure rules and regulations governing the use of signage. Before customizing aSignage Laws sign and placing an order, be sure to check with your local governing bodies, including city, county and state. The last thing you want is to spend money on a product that you end up having to take down.04 After all, a great sign deserves a long-term position.

Here are just a few of the weirdest signage laws around. Whether or not they are actually enforced is another story, but businesses and individuals in these areas might want to think twice before designing a specific sign.

1. No habla Español

In the state of Georgia, signs are required to be written in English. The state has communities rich with non-English speakers who advertise their businesses, goods and services in the language that is best suited to their target demographic, so this law may not be rigorously enforced.

2. So, is there a lifeguard on duty or not?

In Akron, Ohio, it is technically illegal to post signs at swimming pools. Who knows why this law was created, but making it illegal to post pool rules, warnings, and whether or not a lifeguard is on duty is not a very wise move. Does this law apply to painted-on signs, too, such as indicators of pool depth? Hopefully not.

3. Good luck with that sale, eh?

In Canada, posting a for sale sign in a moving vehicle is illegal. However, there is no law about propping up that for sale sign when the vehicle is parked. It may make it tougher to sell your car, truck or SUV, but Canadian lawmakers might think that signs in moving vehicles are too distracting for drivers. Perhaps they should re-think billboards and highway signs, too.

4. The holiday spirit

In Louisiana, it is illegal to put a sign on a Christmas tree in public, so you may want to wait until you get home to put your happy holidays sign on it. In fact, it is illegal to cut or trim them in public, too. The good news is that, if you prefer to cut the tree yourself, many Christmas tree farms are not considered public, but rather private businesses, which means you can saw away to your heart’s content.

Signs can really bend some people out of shape, especially lawmakers. It makes sense, since it is a bold way to make a statement and spell out anything from the price of your merchandise to your political affiliation. However, when it comes to sign illegality, you may want to err on the side of caution.